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PMU (Eyebrows) Aftercare

General Instructions for ALL Permanent Cosmetic Make-up Applications

For 7 days following application of Permanent cosmetics:

  • Do not touch the healing pigmented area with your fingers, they may have bacteria on them and create an infection.

  • The first day keep them dry and clean. Do quick shower in the next 3-4 days.

  • Apply your favorite antibiotic ointment, A & D or Vaseline 2-3 times daily for 7 days

  •  Always use a clean cotton swab and not your fingertips. We suggest Vaseline, as it is non-reactive in most clients.

  • No make-up, tinting or lashes or brows, sun, soap, sauna, Jacuzzi, swimming in chlorine pools or in the recreational bodies of water, contact with animals, gardening for 7-10 days, (until area is completely healed) post procedure and after all touch-ups.

  • Before bathing, gently apply a light coating of Vaseline on the procedure area using a clean cotton swab. Continue this regime until the procedure area has completely healed.

  • Do not rub or traumatize the procedure area while it is healing (pigment may be removed along with crusting tissue).

  • Use a “total sun block” after the procedure area has healed to prevent future fading of pigment color.

  • Do not use products that contain AHA’s on the procedure area. (Example: Glycolic, Lactic Acids. Always check your product labeling) it will fade your pigment color.

  • Try to sleep on a satin pillowcase while the procedure area is healing.

  • If you have any questions or concerns please notify your technician immediately.

  • If you are a blood donor, you may not give blood for 1 year following your Permanent Make-up application (per Red Cross).

  • Touch-up visits should be scheduled between 4-8 weeks post procedure. All Permanent Make-up procedures are a two-step process. Results are not determined until touch-up application is completed.

  • If you experience any itching, swelling, blistering or any other complications post-procedure, stop using product and call your technician immediately. You may be allergic to the after care product you are using!

  • If you have excessive redness, swelling or tenderness or any red streaks going from the procedure site toward the heart, elevated temperature, or purulent drainage from the procedure site, contact your physician as the area may be infected and you may need to seek medical care.

  • Failure to follow these instructions may result in pigment color loss!

  • All permanent make-up procedures are a two-step process.

  • We suggest a yearly ‘Color Refresher’ to maintain your procedure color integrity.

Eyelash Extensions Aftercare

Please do not:

  • use steam face, steam bath, sauna, or swim within the first 2 days after application

  • perm/tint the extensions

  • use an eyelash curler 

  • pull, pick or rub eyelash extensions

  • use any cream, oil-based, or lotion products on extensions


Please do:

  • use oil-free make-up remover (when doing so, please use cotton swabs or soft tissue to carefully clean around the eye area)

  • separate/comb lashes from middle to tip

  • wear goggles for swimming and sauna use

  • gentle rinse your lashes gentle with water or lash cleanser 2 times every day.


After application of each eyelash extensions visit, please wait 8 hours before any water contact to your eye area. Please follow the aftercare to keep your eyelash extensions always in glamour look!

As your eyelashes shed naturally, the extensions will also shed, the old extensions will fall off and it is time for refill. this usually happens around week 2.

If you have oil skin, your eyelash extensions will likely fall off faster.

Enjoy your gorgeous look!

Note: Please book your next fill in advance to maintain your gorgeous look!

Pre and Post Instruction for Body Contour Treatment

Pre/Post Treatment Instructions:

  • Avoid eating two hours before and after treatment sessions.

  • Avoid heavy meals on the treatment days.

  • Drink plenty of water to facilitate lymphatic drainage.

  • Limit carbonated drinks, coffee, and tea during treatment period.

  • Avoid fasting or the body will go into “starvation mode” and become more resistant to the release of stored fat.

  • Within the two hours following a treatment, the client should perform 30 - 45 minutes of cardio-vascular work-out in order to create the energy demand that will facilitate metabolism of the fatty acids and glycerol freed from the fat cells.

  • Consider contraindications or other medical issues that may impact the results of this “one off” treatment. Some medical disorders that may reduce first treatment response include thyroid, immune, lymphatic related conditions, pre-menopause, menopause, diabetes, and infection (including viral)


Possible Side Effects:

  • Diarrhea: when fat is successfully broken down, it must exit the body as stool. You may or may not notice an increase in bowel movements. Typically, diarrhea is mild and lasts no longer than 36 hours.

  • Increased urination: loss of water from your tissues is normal following procedures and is a good sign that you are removing fat from your body. Fat enters the blood from the lymphatic system, increasing the “thickness” of the blood (oncotic pressure), and pulling water from tissues to carry the fat to the bowel for removal.

  •  Flu-like symptoms: this is rare but can occur due to toxins in the fat being removed via the lymphatic system, causing congestion. Congested lymph pathways can lead to aches, pain, water retention, soreness, and flu-like symptoms. To combat this, lymph node stimulators and a whole-body vibration plate session are used during the treatment to increase lymphatic drainage.

  • Increased Hunger: this is the body’s attempt at returning to normal by re-accumulating fat. Do not increase food consumption! Follow a low carb, high protein, high fiber diet to combat hunger pains.

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