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Plasma After Care


After undergoing Plasma Fibroblast rejuvenation therapy, certain conditions need to be adhered to for proper recovery, including:

WATER RESTRICTION: Excessive water contact with the treated area will cause the wound to blister and peel off prematurely.
If the skin peels off after 3-4 days, the recovery process will be prolonged, and there will be an increase in dark pigmentation. Additionally, the scar will take a long time to heal, especially if it's not handled properly.
The facial area takes 7-8 days to peel off, but the skin will be healed and will peel off beautifully, making it easy to care for and preventing an increase in pigmentation.

SUN PROTECTION: Sun protection is extremely important for healthy and youthful skin. After undergoing Plasma therapy, the skin will still be fragile and weak, so proper sun protection is necessary:
Use sunscreen every 3 hours, even when indoors, and use protective measures when going outdoors.
Using 100 types of skin care products without proper sun protection will yield no results.

MOISTURIZE TO RECOVER ( From day 6 ,7 )After undergoing Plasma therapy, the skin is affected by the plasma rays, leading to dryness and damage. Therefore, it is necessary to moisturize and rejuvenate the skin to make it younger and more beautiful:
Use stem cells to accelerate recovery.
Vitamin B3, B5, and B9 will help recover and even out skin tone.
Take care of the skin and use moisturizing masks.
When all the scabbing fall off, continue with serum skin repair and also can use scar cream prevention.
Keep using sunscreen

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