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Eyelash Extensions Aftercare

Please do not:

  • use steam face, steam bath, sauna, or swim within the first 2 days after application

  • perm/tint the extensions

  • use an eyelash curler 

  • pull, pick or rub eyelash extensions

  • use any cream, oil-based, or lotion products on extensions


Please do:

  • use oil-free make-up remover (when doing so, please use cotton swabs or soft tissue to carefully clean around the eye area)

  • separate/comb lashes from middle to tip

  • wear goggles for swimming and sauna use

  • gentle rinse your lashes gentle with water or lash cleanser 2 times every day.


After application of each eyelash extensions visit, please wait 8 hours before any water contact to your eye area. Please follow the aftercare to keep your eyelash extensions always in glamour look!

As your eyelashes shed naturally, the extensions will also shed, the old extensions will fall off and it is time for refill. this usually happens around week 2.

If you have oil skin, your eyelash extensions will likely fall off faster.

Enjoy your gorgeous look!

Note: Please book your next fill in advance to maintain your gorgeous look!

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